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a NEW collectible fashion doll for Second Life!

Blackwood Pointe Academy

"Enter the hidden world of Blackwood Pointe Academy, a boarding school for supernatural youth. Discover the secret door that only the chosen few can see, and embark on a journey of self-discovery as you learn to harness your powers and become a part of something greater. Surrounded by mysterious but wise teachers, and nestled high in a gothic Victorian mansion on Blackwood Mountain, these students will steer through the challenges of growing up -- but will also navigate the unique struggles that come with being different. Will you dare to leave your old life behind and unlock your full potential at Blackwood Pointe Academy?"

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AUDREY. Meet Audrey, a teenager unlike any other! She's a junior at Blackwood Pointe, but she's not your typical high school student. Audrey has the gift of second sight - she sees visions that give her insight into the future. But that's not the only thing that sets her apart. Audrey loves to express herself through her fashion choices, and she has a particular fondness for 60s mod style. She's not afraid to mix and match patterns and colors, and she always manages to look chic and trendy. But don't let her love of fashion fool you - Audrey is also a skilled mechanic. She loves nothing more than getting her hands dirty fixing cars, and she's just as comfortable in a pair of overalls as she is in a dress. With her unique blend of femininity and practicality, Audrey is a force to be reckoned with!

RAEN. Raen is the new, mysterious sophomore at Blackwood Pointe Academy. With the ability to control memories, Raen is kind but has a hard time trusting others. Despite his jaded nature, he's interested in the stars and planets and will even let you hear him speak French if you ask about his accent. With his air of stand-offish mystery and classic but soft style, Raen is sure to be the talk of the school. But be warned, there's more to him than meets the eye. Is he really who he seems, or is there something more lurking beneath the surface? If you can get him to let his guard down, there are few confidantes as capable of keeping your secrets as Raen..

AINE. Aine is a unique and charming freshman at Blackwood Pointe, hailing from the distant land of Valoria. As the only fairy in attendance (so far), she stands out with her soft-spoken personality and constant smile. However, her tendency to rarely blink can unnerve those around her, adding a touch of mystery to her already cute and fashionable appearance. Aine is a lover of the arts and can often be found lost in a good book. She is also physically affected by beautiful things, particularly those that sparkle, making her a truly one-of-a-kind individual. (Her name is pronounced "Anya", though since she'll never correct someone for saying it wrong, fellow students always mispronounce it.) She can't wait to meet you!

CHARLIE. You might know Charlie, a carefree and fashionable senior at the Academy. Rumored to have a white wolf for a father, Charlie has an edgy and spooky style that she loves to express through her emo and punk fashion choices. But in case you thought that rebellious exterior was the whole enchilada - Charlie is a loyal friend with a big heart. Despite her popularity with just about everyone, she can't help but get a little jealous from time to time. Though she may skip class on occasion due to her senioritis, Charlie is actually a smart cookie and excels when she applies herself. Get to know the complex and lovable Charlie and add her to your collection!



I have over 30 dolls planned for this first Dollmania series, with a few secrets in store. Our next doll is XANTHE (the alien valley girl). Newest release: Prof. Stone #10. Dolls in progress are underlined and completed dolls that can be found at BEENICORN right now are in bold.

        a banshee (Niamh)
        an angel (Laila)
        a demon, her sister (Gremory)
        a headmaster with a heavy secret (Prof. Stone)
        a ghost girl (Kasuka)
        a dangerous girl in a red cloak (Cherry)
        a hedonistic cat queen (Mira)
        a boy out of time (Raen)
        an earthbound harpy (Aderyn)
        a girl who sees visions (Audrey)
        a living ball-jointed doll (Taylor)
        a fun-loving goblin girl (Wrecksee)
        a valley girl alien (Xanthe)
        a siren (Cordelia)
        a frog prince (Jelly)
        a dragon-ette (Ember)
        a swamp-dwelling science student (Beckett)
        a friendly wolf-girl (Charlie)
        a fairy prince (Rhys)
        the real Alice, from Wonderland
        a rebellious nephilim (Corey)
        a mysterious clown-girl (Buttercup)
        a tenebrous lover (Nick)
        a whimsical faerie (Aine)
        a vampire hacker (Gideon)
        a beast-girl (Aella)
        a lost last black unicorn (Odette)
        a genie with one wish (Melody)
Come back later to see who the next student to arrive at Blackwood Pointe Academy will be!

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